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 Scope of services  During project commissioning execution Voir les produits de la gamme
ABA oil & Gas Services will Execute & Manage & Supervise the following Commissioning Activities (onshore & offshore) :
  • Set up, Organize, Control and Manage Commissioning activities
  • Assure necessary commissioning resources are identified and provided (Domestic, Vendor etc)
  • Management, supervision and coordination of the Commissioning personnel (including Vendor specialists) during Commissioning
  • Checking and signing the work reports of the commissioning staff
  • Responsible for generating Commissioning Scripts of Process and Utility systems
  • Perform / Supervise / Manage all commissioning activities (E&I Testing, OTP execution, N2 or N2He high pressure Leak Test, Chemical loading, chemical cleaning etc… )
  • Ensure all Commissioning execution activities are carried out safely and in accordance with the project HSE plan and in line with associated Commissioning JRA
  • Responsible for all the safety rules and regulations application during Commissioning Execution
  • Ensure that Commissioning and start up are carried out in accordance with Basis of Design, Company HSE and quality standards and relevant codes and specifications, and that reliability and operability are given priority
  • Primary contributor to HAZID, HAZOP, and other safety, regulatory, peer and operations reviews
  • Plant Commissioning & start up -TOTAL Specs and OPERCOM (ICAPS)
  • Organize the daily commissioning meeting
  • Scheduling site commissioning works ( planning , implementation and monitoring)
  • Monitor commissioning team performance and assist commissioning support contractors in meeting objectives, to ensure that overall project cost and schedule milestones are achieved
  • Monitor and Manage Commissioning activities performed / conducted in SIMOPS
  • Indicate whether the work can be safely executed under the circumstances that coinciding events take place in vicinity of the work location, which may add risk. Propose segregation in time or place to eliminate the risk identified (“SIMOPS”)
  • Ensure that commissioning is properly addressed during all stages of the project life cycle
  • Ensure that JRA's are conducted before work commences
  • Ensure safe execution of all commissioning activities through the application of the work permit procedure
  • Sign / Approve work permits
  • HSE responsible for PTW system and interface issues
  • Organize Regular Commissioning PTW Meeting (Daily and Weekly)
  • Conduct Commissioning PTW Surveillance with assistance of QS/HSE
  • Ensure Com PTW organization is adequately resources for the work at hand ensuring smooth and safe progress to take place
  • Work with project's Lock-Out/Tag-Out Coordinator to develop the appropriate lock-out and tag-out details necessary to ensure personnel and equipment safety during commissioning activities
  • Manage the Spading & De-spading plan for Safe Comm
  • Prepare Daily / Weekly / Monthly Commissioning report
  • Progress Reporting, Monitoring, etc…
  • Provide routine reporting on commissioning activities, including immediate reporting of urgent issues
  • Manage Daily Commissioning Meeting inline with Commissioning Schedule and Progress
  • Prioritization of works requested by various applicants and instruct proper timing of the works as per Commissioning Schedule & Progress on a by area basis
  • Resolve complex problems to assist the project between internal and external organizations
  • Review / approve punch list items
  • Manage the punch list clearance
  • Approval the punch list activities and control of punch list items including clearance of punch list items
  • In case of non-conformance, coordinate with the base organization immediately and for planning and implementing appropriate corrective action together with the Site Manager and Project Management
  • Organize and coordinate activities with COMPANY
  • Interface with engineering disciplines, licensors, vendors and subcontractors
  • Coordinate with all vendor representatives
  • Liaise with specialist vendors to ensure timely mobilization, clarity of scope and safety requirements/expectations
  • Bring the systems – sub-system up to RFSU (Ready For Startup)
  • Approve the Commissioning / RFSU dossiers
  • Assist & Perform with operations startup & test run
  • Hand over to field operations department fully documented and commissioned Installation
  • Follow up the progress according to the planning
  • Assistance & follow-up of the offshore hook-up and commissioning and production start-up
  • Subcontractors interface and coordination
  • Ensure that the transition from construction to operations is carried out in accordance with all relevant procedures and guidelines and in line with the project safety and operational objectives
  • Co-ordinate with Operations team to meet their requirements of Plant operability, plant start up, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and safe operations
  • Responsible person to issue Test-runs results and testing / performance reports within the framework of the relevant Engineering processes
  • Execute Mothballing and De-mothballing activities as per approved Plan & Procedures
  • Conducting safety audit check to ensure operation of all safety systems
Phone/Fax : +216 74 619 080
E-mail : info@aba-ogs.com
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