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 Scope of services  During commissionning technical preparation Voir les produits de la gamme
ABA oil & Gas Services will prepare also during Engineering Stage all following Commissioning Deliverables :
  • Responsible for performing technically correct commissioning procedures safely and within the deadlines, including the Q-records, as defined in the I&T program and I&T plans and within the defined time and cost frame
  • Prepare Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Manual/Strategy and guidelines for the project
  • Establish Pre-commissioning / Commissioning & Start up Execution plan
  • Develop Commissioning Organization & Job Description for Commissioning team members
  • Prepare & Develop Commissioning Planning (level 1, 2, 3), Sequence, logic, etc…
  • Prepare & Approve the Split of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning scope for both onshore and offshore Prepare & Develop Commissioning HSE Manuals
  • Work with project HSE leadership to develop appropriate Job Safety Analysis (JSA's for commissioning their assigned team's activities. (These JSA's shall be part of developed commissioning procedures)
  • Prepare and update Commissioning SIMOPS dossiers/procedures (in case in SIMOPS)
  • Prepare & Approve the Pre-commissioning & commissioning coordination, witnessing, punch list and management procedures
  • Prepare & Approve of the marked-up P&ID’s, TSLD & SLD (color) including the limit of sub systems.& Definition of sub-system boundary limits and commissioning packages within sub-systems
  • Establish & Approve the Systems / Sub-systems List
  • Deep knowledge of Opercom & ICAPS Software
  • Prepare & Approve Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Technical Database (ICAPS population)
  • Establish Mothballing and De-mothballing Plan & Procedures
  • Prepare Pre-commissioning/Commissioning Dossiers/Procedures per subsystem including job cards
  • Definition of process systems pre-commissioning and commissioning scope within the sub-systems
  • Prepare the initial start up procedure / sequence
  • Establish, Develop & Approve the Operational Test Procedures (OTP’s)
  • Establish & approve the pre-start up activities procedures. ( i.e leak test, drying, inerting. )
  • Establish & Approve the chemical loading & Chemical Cleaning procedures
  • Develop & Approve Pre-commissioning/Commissioning requirements/tools/materials/consumables
  • Establish & Approve vendors mobilization plan / schedule
  • Develop & Approve Pre-commissioning/Commissioning planning/schedules/sequence/priority
  • Establish the spading plan when required
  • Review the commissioning spare parts list
  • Prepare Commissioning Work Permit Procedure
  • Process / Mechanical / Electrical Isolation & de-isolation procedures
  • Develop & Establish Systems Hand-over procedures & Strategy
  • Establishing an orgonized critical path analysis for competent start-up and commissioning process
Phone/Fax : +216 74 619 080
E-mail : info@aba-ogs.com
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